IT CONSULTING - F.C.S. Solutions Srl

F.C.S. Solutions offers an all-inclusive IT service.

Starting from hardware and software supply, F.C.S. Solutions provides its customers with different kinds of services:

  • a thorough IT consulting support ranging from the purchase of any IT device, the VOIP telephony, up to the data network management.
  • on-site as well as remote control assistance to the customer
  • specialized technical support, as confirmed by the various certifications acquired  (Microsoft, Alvarion, Watchguard, Oracle, VMWare, Zyxel, Multitech Voip, etc…)
  • the design of a computer system meeting the customer's needs, enabling its development without incurring exorbitant financial outlay for hardware or for personnel training.

In this sense, our company's policy favours the client-server architecture, consenting all business information to be stored and managed through one or more servers, often resorting to server virtualization in order to optimize the hardware resources available or to reduce the operating costs, thus making the most of the Microsoft operating systems and exploiting at best the Windows opportunities, thanks to the technical skill of our system analysts.

Our IT consulting service is not only a simple "support", but also a constant and two-way cooperation, aiming to the optimization of the resources available which simplifies and speeds up the user's task,  yet keeping the costs as low as possible.


SECURITY - F.C.S. Solutions Srl

While designing its customers' architectures, F.C.S. Solutions takes great care to their data security not only through constantly updated hardware and software, but also, and mostly, thanks to final users' training and know-how increase, awakening them to the correct application of privacy regulations and security procedures.

In fact, it is essential to protect the businesses' systems from unpermitted accesses, both from hackers and from dangerous programs such as malware, viruses, ransomwares, etc….

A proper IT management may protect not only:

  • the company's data (customers' list, financial and banking data, etc…)
  • the IT system resources (hard disk, memory, etc…)

but, most of all, it protects:

  • the company reputation on the market: who could trust a company that cannot even guarantee its own management?
  • the company's operational capacity (the capability to send emails, the access to the Internet, the documents management, etc…).


Software - F.C.S. Solutions Srl

F.C.S. Solutions develops customized software, always considering some essential targets:

  • Simplification of the user's task by automating the repetitive procedures thanks to programs especially developed for the customer
  • Minimization of errors and wastes through time optimizing, with a complete and total integration of some management procedures
  • Enhancement of the personnel's operational know-how by using the pre-existing structure and thanks to the development of user-friendly programs for an easy performance of complex and "boring" tasks.



The IT progress strongly reflects on the communication strategies; F.C.S. Solutions offers solutions for:

  • Private wireless connectivity – not only for the mobile users' accesses management, but also for a speed and secure connectivity, linking distant facilities into a consistent business unit.
  • Virtual private network connectivity (VPN) – via the Internet: for a low cost remote facilities connection and a guarantee of really "private" information exchange
  • VOIP  telephone connectivity – a partnership with some reliable and expert providers and our know-how acquired in the years while developing different solutions for our customers allow us to provide a mature and secure technology with astonishing results
  • VOIP telephone exchange system – advanced performances for the telephone call routing, with sophisticated management possibilities of answering system integrated with email capable of reducing telephone costs between remote headquarters and offices even if they are "at the other end of the world".


TRANSLATIONS - F.C.S. Solutions Srl


F.C.S. Solutions is also translations in/from English and French in the most heterogeneous areas:



  • business translations (from the correspondence with foreign customers o suppliers, to     business contracts as well as customs or legal deeds and documents)
  • technical translations (natural stone, IT, electronics fields) and user manuals
  • scientific translations (sanitary field)
  • multi-language Websites
  • marketing (jewellery, photography).

Thanks to our experience, your activities in the foreign markets will turn out to be your best business card, denoting accuracy, professionalism and rapidity. These in fact are the qualities featuring our service (at very competitive prices), with different possible subscription agreements and discounts.